Why You Need To Hire A Music Agent

You’ve probably heard the stories of big-name artists and the music agents that helped propel them to the top.

You may be wondering: do you need a music agent to make it big?

Keep reading to find out if hiring a music agent should be at the top of your agenda.

You May Need a Music Agent If…

You can’t find time to book your own shows

If you’re playing so often that you don’t have a chance to breathe, then a music agent could be just the ticket to relieve the pressure.

You don’t have the time or knowledge to negotiate a reasonable rate

If labels, venues, and merchandisers are taking you for a ride, a music agent can keep on their case and get you a fair market rate.

You’re overbooked and aren’t sure which shows to turn down

If you’re getting more venues accepting your offers than you know what to do with, an agent can help you choose which events are most worth your time.

You need help scheduling a national or international tour

If you’re trying to coordinate a coast-to-coast tour of America, or crossing oceans to sample the finest venues in Europe, having someone to help with travel booking and other arrangements is a must.

Why You May Not Need a Music Agent

You don’t have the money

Good music agents can cost some serious dough, and if you’re just starting out, that may not be in the budget.

You may also be opening for other bands or playing for little to nothing in order to build your audience.

You have the time to book your own shows

It can be frustrating, but unless you’re constantly playing, you probably have the time to book your own shows.

This not only saves you money but keeps you in touch with your own business.

You know how much to charge

The rate for playing at a local bar isn’t too difficult to figure out.

You can handle price negotiations because you’re playing in a vicinity where the rates are consistent.

You’re not overbooked

If you’re playing a couple nights per week with no significant travel, you can easily arrange your own shows.

Make sure everyone is on the same page (if you’re in a band) and make sure that you have your entire schedule written down in one place.

This should make it pretty easy to figure out when you can play.

You Can Do It Yourself

Unless you’re superstar hauling in six figures per gig, a music agent probably isn’t in your best interest.

Sure, if you have a friend or family member looking to break into the business, it probably won’t hurt to let them help you out a little.

But don’t think you need to hire a bigwig.

You don’t–not unless you’re a bigshot, too.

Hiring a music agent means paying a salary or a percentage of your gig profits.

And unless you’re playing at huge venues, your profit margin won’t be all that big.

It’s better to focus your time and money on building your fanbase before you expect to land huge venues.

For the low-down on how to line up gigs, read this article by GigFaster.

Compose a Great Pitch

Get yourself a great pitch template and customize it for each venue that you contact.

Introduce yourself, tell the venue why you want to play there (great atmosphere, you’ve seen bands that you love play there, or similar) and follow up after about a week.

If they still haven’t answered, they’re not interested. Move on.

If a venue does respond with interest, don’t leave them hanging.

Reply with your proposal as soon as possible.

Be reasonable with your negotiations, and don’t demand a bunch of favors.

If possible, organize a phone call or face to face meeting with the venue manager to make the arrangements more personal.

Above all, cultivate a relationship with the people in charge of the venue, so that they’ll want to invite you back.

You Can Get the Gig–Faster

Having your pitches organized all in one place makes it easier to keep track of responses and manage your replies.

A list of venues with relevant contact info also gives you a great head start.

Luckily, GigFaster provides both!

Search for venues that cater to your music, submit pitches and demos, and send your music to record labels, all from one dashboard!

GigFaster helps musicians get started in their careers by making it easy and affordable to manage their gigs and record label submissions.

Sign up today for your one-week free trial and see what GigFaster can do for you!


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