So many bands and artists have no idea what to say to venues to book gigs.

They might be diligent about contacting the venues but they use the wrong words and never book gigs.

Often times, bands will write a book when they really only need to say 2 sentences.

The more you write in an email to the venue the greater your chance of not getting a response or even read.

Venue booking agents are swamped and receive a lot of email requests.

When you send an email using our simple formula your email will be a breath of fresh air and you may even get a response.

What NOT to Say to Venues to Book Gigs

  1. Never demand anything – Funny enough, some people are so arrogant that they think the world and venues owe them a slot to perform. If you demand anything you will likely never work at that venue.
  2. Don’t write a book – The longer your email is the less chance you have of receiving a reply.
  3. Don’t include any negotiations – Don’t talk money or anything like that before you have had a good email conversation with the venue.

What to Say to Venues to Book Gigs

  1. Very little – Send your intro email with 2 sentences max. Say something nice about the club and ask if they are open to considering any new acts. This tells them you know something about them and gives them a simple question to answer.

That’s it!  Keep it short and ask a simple question.

It will take a minute of the booking agents time and it increases the chance of receiving a reply.

Your goal is to get a reply and get the conversation started.

GigFaster TIP: If you don’t hear back within 3-4 days then follow up with the venue.

How GigFaster Can Help

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