The world is oversaturated with clones. Uniqueness is a rare thing.

Most people try to be like everyone else. Most musicians try to emulate their favorite artists.

While we can learn from our mentors we need to focus on the uniqueness we have to offer.

Want to stick out from the crowd… in a good way?

Focus on your strengths and individual uniqueness.

You Are A Living Miracle

So many people take for granted the gift of life.

Fact: It took one sperm and one egg to create you.

That means that you are the result of 1 sperm fighting AND winning the battle against up to 1 BILLION other sperm.

That little guy never quit. He persisted until he succeeded.

Nobody Else Is Like You

Do you see how unique you are?

Right out of the box, you are, at least, one in a billion.

No 2 people are alike or can be regardless of what they look like on the outside or how they act.

It’s an amazing and exciting fact.

This doesn’t mean be as stupid and weird as you can be.

It means you have the opportunity to be the best YOU, you can be.

Unique Musicians Are Needed

The music landscape changes every time someone holds fast to who they are and doesn’t try to be like everyone else.

The Beatles changed music history as did Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Nirvana when they started the grunge revolution.

Recently, I would argue that Post Malone took hip hop/beat music to the next level.

Records Labels

Indie record labels are looking for something new and fresh.

The average attention span of a person is 5 seconds. He needs constant stimulation from different things.

The same is true with music. Our senses dull to the same old music.

For that reason, Indie labels need new and unique material.

Venues and Clubs

A lot of clubs want cover bands. People dance to songs they know. The more they dance the more they drink. The more drinks customers buy the more money the club makes.

Just because they want you to play covers songs doesn’t mean you have to settle there. Put your own unique twist on each song. Make it interesting so that people remember it and you.

Music Promotion

When you promote your music to press and music blogs the writers are people. Sounds obvious but for some reason most artists and bands forget they are dealing with people.

Make the job easier for the writer by having something unique about yourself to sell to them.

What makes you unique? What is the angle they can write about you?

Give them something to work with.

What makes you different than the million other artists and bands out there?

The bottom line is there is no excuse to try and force yourself to be like everyone else.

You were made uniquely so be yourself!

How GigFaster Can Help

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With GigFaster, you get help booking gigs and promoting your music. GigFaster’s database has thousands of contacts across over one hundred music genres.

It’s easy for you to get connected with a venue or promoter.  We also have hundreds of independent record labels to submit to. Start your free trial today.

Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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