Today we’re going to dig into a simple email subject line for booking gigs.

Sending emails to venues to book gigs was the clear winner last year and it is the preferred means of being contacted by almost all booking agents.

Often times the subject line is the last thing artists think about when contacting clubs or music blogs.

It’s just a required field on the form.

But when you’re contacting venues to book gigs, the subject of the email is critical.

It needs to get the booking agents attention.

Otherwise your message will be overlooked, instantly deleted or could possibly be sent to the SPAM folder.

1. Avoid The SPAM Folder

The very first thing we should think about when writing our subject line for booking gigs is the spam folder.

If your message ends up in spam then your chances are ruined from the start.

Quite honestly, you should never have to even worry about this if you stick to what I’ll tell below.

Don’t try to be clever and come up with some flashy subject line until you do your research, test it and confirm it won’t end up in the spam folder.

2. Keep It As Short As Possible

If you listen to me on GigFaster University you’ll hear me say, “Keep it short and sweet”… a lot.

It’s always a good idea but harder than you might think.

The most your initial email to a club should be is 2 sentences max.

The brevity also goes for the subject line.

Keep it short and sweet.

3. Say Something That Will Catch Their Eye

Earlier I said not to be clever with your subject line and that still holds true.

What I mean here is that you do your research and include something that they will notice.

For example, when I was trying to get booked as an opener with Gary Hoey, my subject line was something like this:

“Gary Hoey Show on Dec 5th”

Seems simple but it’s very effective.

If you use a simple subject line for booking gigs you will get more responses from venues.

Concluding Thoughts

The goal of your emails is to get a response.

When you receive a response you have a conversation started.

That is start to booking gigs with email.

Never quit!

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Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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