Struggling to book gigs?

Do you ever feel like you’re at the beck and call of club owners, booking agents and promoters?

Maybe you use a gig contest style site like SonicBids.

Do you ever feel like you’ll never get seen because you’re competing with hundreds or even thousands of other bands?

I know how you feel. I have tried all of the other websites (SonicBids, etc) trying to book gigs myself. ALL of them.

I was always hopeful, but the process always ended with me feeling the same way: disappointed.

I’d think, “this is the tool that will finally get me some recognition and gigs”.

Sadly, after spending hundreds of dollars and waiting months on end I finally got ONE show.

That’s it. One lousy gig.

I made $250 from it. I spent $850+ over time trying to book it.

I lost a ton of money.

What I discovered is that I was going about booking gigs all wrong.

The one thing that got me 10x more gigs

I failed a lot trying to use online systems to book gigs.

The problem was not the product I was trying to sell (my band), it was the system.

The established gig booking systems all work like a lottery. You pay for your ticket and if you’re lucky your ticket gets picked.

These are bad systems for bands. The bands lose 99% of the time.

Did you know that you are more likely to get struck by lightning TWICE than winning the lottery? The odds in a lottery type system are for the house and not the player.

Once I realized that I was just playing the lottery by using these other online gig booking systems I cut my losses and decided to take control of the path my band was taking.

Instead of adding my band to a pool of thousands of other bands I put my band on the top of the list as the number one priority.

You will never be the number 1 priority in any of the “lottery” style systems that are supposed to book gigs for you.

If you want to book more gigs you need to take control of your band’s future by being intentional.

Here are some simple steps you can take to get started.

  • Make a list of the venues that you want to play at.
  • Reach out to the clubs in an email. Simply introduce yourself. Keep it short.
  • Follow-up with the club. If you don’t follow up you won’t get anything. Follow up!
  • Don’t give up!

You work hard. Don’t wait for someone else to “discover” you. Chart your own course.

I created GigFaster to automate the process of reaching out to clubs and following up.

It’s how I landed gigs with Grammy nominated artists.

If you haven’t tried GigFaster. Give it a try.

Craig Kelley

About Craig Kelley

Craig helps indie artists book more gigs, promote their music and submit to record labels @ GigFaster and GigFaster University . His latest release is his 7th album, Not So Blue. His band has supported Grammy artists including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Rick Derringer, Gary Hoey, Joan Jett, Fuel and many more. He is also the host of The 5 Minute Podcast For Musicians.

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