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Musician's Survival Kit

Want to grow your fanbase with no gigs?

You need to start with a solid foundation…

Want to put booking gigs on auto-pilot?

Don’t ruin your chances by doing it wrong.

You don’t have to wait for a pandemic to revisit your music strategy.

Any downtime you have is the perfect time to make sure you are on the right path.

The Musician’s Survival Kit is free training that will put you on the path growing your fanbase, booking more gigs and leveling up above the other DIY musicians and bands.

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Craig Kelley

About Craig Kelley

Craig helps indie artists book more gigs, promote their music and submit to record labels @ GigFaster and GigFaster University . His latest release is his 7th album, Not So Blue. His band has supported Grammy artists including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Rick Derringer, Gary Hoey, Joan Jett, Fuel and many more. He is also the host of The 5 Minute Podcast For Musicians.

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  • Shedrick L James says:

    I like this kid I like this music movement can I get in some kind of way with direct in engineering and songwriting and performing as the artist I do it all when it comes to music. Right wrap up before I can build a group or artist I’m just sure know so I like what the business consists of can I please get a chance.

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