How do you promote your band? Do you rely on everyone else? Or, do you do it all yourself?

If you’re not promoting your band then you need to start.

Today we’re going to dive into why you should promote your band yourself.

You have a few things to consider when you promote your band.

The first is if you’re going to invest or pay someone else to do it.

Paying someone to promote your band will save you time but it will also cost you.

Not only will paying someone cost you money but there are several other things that you may miss out on.

When you promote your band yourself you will invest your time but save money and you’ll learn a lot.

5 Reasons You Need to Promote Your Band Yourself

  1. Nothing Is Free – you either need to promote your band yourself or pay someone else. You won’t know if they’re doing a good job or not unless you’ve done it yourself. You may get a few gigs or music blog articles written about you but at what cost? You could have invested the same amount yourself and gotten a lot more promotion for your band.
  2. You Know Your Product – your band, image, biography, music, website, etc all make up your product. Yes, you are selling a product and the product is your complete package. No one knows this better than you. An outsider may see you in a totally different light. That could be good or bad. Control your product by promoting it yourself.
  3. Make More Money – when you promote your band you get to keep all the profits. You won’t need to pay a commission or fee. That could save you hundreds of dollars per gig. You can use the money you save and earn to invest back into your band.
  4. You Can’t Get A Booking Agent Anyway – You won’t be able to get a booking agent if you’re not already booking gigs yourself. Booking agents take at least 10% per show. That’s $10 on a simple $100 gig or $0 on a free gig. You need to be doing free shows to promote your band. Booking agents won’t even consider you unless you’re already earning a decent amount from booking your own gigs.
  5. You Need The Skills – you need to learn the skills of booking gigs and promoting your band before you delegate them to someone else. How will you know if they’re doing their job or just taking your cash otherwise? You won’t.

The bottom line is, you need to hustle to promote your band.

When you feel like quitting think of every other band out there.

They’re thinking the same thing and guess what? Most will quit!

If you want to succeed then never quit.

How GigFaster Can Help

Promote your band, work hard, hustle and use tools that will make your job easier. Set yourself up for success.

We have a built-in network of over 6,000 venues, music promoters, and record labels. We can help you distribute your press kit and book gigs in cities all around the country.

Start for free today.

Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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