Market your music for free with these simple tips.

There are tons of ways to spread the word about your music at no cost.

The question is, how bad do you want it. How bad do you want to succeed in music?

Here are 4 ways to market your music.

You should be thinking of new ways to promote your music every day.

4 Things To Do Now To Market Your Music

  1. Start an Email List – You absolutely need an email list. Even if you’re just collecting emails during gigs. Years ago we sent newsletters in the mail. Now we can send the same thing for free in email. Keep in touch with your fans at least once a month.
  2. Have Merchandise on Hand – Always have merch available for your fans to buy. You can make a living by selling merchandise (t-shirts, CDs, keychains, etc) even if you’re not getting a nice paycheck at the gig. Keep an eye on what sells and stock it. Offer deals to get rid of merch that has been sitting around.
  3. Promote on Social Networks – The first thing you need to figure out is where your fans/audience is. Do they hang out on Instagram or Facebook? You probably already know. Start with one social network and post to it regularly. Regularly may only be once a week. Gauge your audience and post accordingly. Don’t act like you’re a rockstar and untouchable. People know you bleed red just like them and chances are you aren’t famous or out of reach. Don’t be condescending or you won’t have fans for long.
  4. Be Creative – Need attention for you or your band? Be creative. When Design Pickle was just getting started the founder dressed up like a pickle and handed out pickles at conferences. People remembered him and his company. What can you do to be different in the vast world of artists today? It doesn’t have to be stupid or weird. Be creative and fun.

Look, the bottom line is, you need to be hustling every day to promote your music.

How bad do you want success? Bad enough to actually treat it like a full-time job?

How GigFaster Can Help

Promote your music, work hard, hustle and use tools that will make your job easier. Set yourself up for success.

We have a built-in network of over 6,000 venues, music promoters, and record labels. We can help you distribute your press kit and book gigs in cities all around the country.

Start for free today.

Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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Craig helps indie artists book more gigs, promote their music and submit to record labels @ GigFaster and GigFaster University . His latest release is his 7th album, Not So Blue. His band has supported Grammy artists including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Rick Derringer, Gary Hoey, Joan Jett, Fuel and many more. He is also the host of The 5 Minute Podcast For Musicians.

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