Today we’re going to look into how to make band practice awesome.

Sounds like a challenge. Band practices are the necessary evil we endure to get to the live show.

Live performances reveal how much or how little a band practiced.

You almost always need to practice more than you think.

You may get your set right 100% of the time at practice but inevitably during a live gig something will happen.

If you’re practiced enough your muscles and the words will come naturally without much thought.

Distractions will happen so you need to be prepared.

Let’s look at 5 ways to make your band practice awesome so that you can have your best show ever.

5 Ways To Make Band Practice Awesome

  1. Be Prepared – Yes, learn the songs inside and out BEFORE you get to practice. Practice is not for learning songs. Practice is for nailing the arrangements and mixes with your bandmates. It’s easy to play along with a recording. Practice at home without the recording so that you really know your parts.
  2. Avoid The Party During Rehearsal – If you’re going to have a drink during practice make it water until the end. Most people love a party. Especially rock and roll bands. Start the party after you master the songs. You can celebrate afterward.
  3. Take Notes – Chances are you won’t remember everything. Be sure to keep a notebook to jot down any notes you might need to make. Or, you could use your phone BUT I recommend against that. (See #4) Take your notes home and practice on your own. Reworking the same parts in a song twice is a major annoyance and set back.
  4. Turn Your Phone Off – What??? Are you serious. Yes! Interruptions will waste your time and could add hours to your practice. Focus on the songs at hand. Interruptions, especially with texts and phone calls, will ruin the mood and flow more than anything.
  5. Show Up To Practice Early – Show up early and be ready to start on time. Sounds simple but this little trick will save you at least 1/2 an hour each practice. Everyone is busy and has busy schedules. Respect each other’s time by showing up early and being ready on time.

Funny enough, these are my 5 biggest pet peeves when it comes to band practice.

The solution is so simple.

Be respectful of your bandmates.

Do these 5 things to make your band practice awesome.

How do you make your band practice awesome and run well?

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