Let’s look into how to book gigs today.

If you’re a musician then chances are you will perform at some point. I hope so! If not you’ll be missing out on the awesome feeling of sharing your talent with others.

Performing live is such a rush. Especially when you play well and the crowd is engaged.

Great performances don’t just happen.

It takes time and a lot of practice to master performance.

The more practiced you are the more you can enjoy performing.

Imagine giving a speech.

Someone hands you the words on a paper and you have to read them for the first time.

Not fun.

You’ll be so focused on reading the words that you won’t be able to enjoy any bit of it.

Now imagine giving the same speech 100 times.

You walk up to the mic and you don’t need notes. You’re not nervous.

You know exactly what to say and how to express yourself so that the message is received perfectly.

Relating it to music – No wrong notes, no missed chords and no fumbled lyrics.

That’s when you experience the true joy of performing.

It takes practice and many booked gigs to get there.

You need gigs. Small and big ones. Free and paid ones.

3 Things To Do  Now To Book Gigs Today

  1. Contact New Venues Every Day – I mention “every day” a lot because it’s true. You want to do music for a living? Well, then start acting like you are doing it now. Do you work 8 hours on music a day? Contact new venues every day about playing at their establishment. Most will not respond. It may takes weeks or months to make contact. That’s why you have to do it every day.
  2. Book Opening Act Gigs – Opening for a band is a great way for a new venue to see you. It’s a great way for you to impress the venue. This often leads to booking a gig for yourself at the venue. Look in your area and reach out to bands that are already performing regularly. A lot of times bands are happy to “rest” a set so that you can open for them. They become the headliner, play less, get paid the same and you get a shot. Don’t expect payment or even ask for it.
  3. Play Free Gigs – Just like opening for other bands, look for events and places you can play for free to spread the word about your band. This is especially important for bands just starting out. Playing live is a whole different ball game than practicing in the garage or basement. The more gigs you play the more experience you’ll have.

Do these simple 3 things and you’ll definitely increase your chances to book gigs today.

How GigFaster Can Help

Promote your music, work hard, hustle and use tools that will make your job easier. Set yourself up for success.

We have a built-in network of over 6,000 venues, music promoters, and record labels. We can help you distribute your press kit and book gigs in cities all around the country.

Start for free today.

Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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