How often should I be performing every month? Is there a magic number? Does it really matter? Do I even need to perform on a regular basis at all?

In this article and podcast we dig into find that magic number of how often you should perform.

It’s funny to talk about a magic number of performances per month considering if you’re reading this you really want to make something of your music.

If you really want to get somewhere with your music then you should be dying to play at every opportunity. It’s not how many times should I play but rather, how many times can I play?

Trying not to sound like a broken record…

First, you need to choose what you want to be. A hobbyist who plays on the weekends or a full-time working musician. What is your goal?

Remember, if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

Choose Your Goal

Do you want to make it in the music business as a rockstar? Do you want to make a living as a cover band? Do you simply want to make a living playing music? Or, do you just want to have fun playing some local gigs?

Know your goal and it will help you focus on how many shows to play.

Just For Fun Band

If you’re just doing to this for fun and will not pursue a career as a performing musician then you can stop here. Your magic number of performances per month is whatever you want it to be. End of story.

Career in Music

If your desire is to make it big as a full-time musician in the music industry then you should want to play as often as possible. If that’s what you want to do then by all means, do it! Book as many shows as you can.

The most gigs I have had in one month was 24. I didn’t play every day of the month but I did play up to 3 times on some days. It was busy.

I loved it but it was exhausting.

I wasn’t able to write new songs, contact new venues or really concentrate on anything else but performances. That many shows wasn’t sustainable for me without having outside management. So my magic number is definitely below 24 shows per month.

One thing to remember is that with more gigs you have more opportunity to reach more people.

The more people you reach gives you more opportunity for more fans.

Fans turn into customers of your merchandise and music.

As this ball rolls you can attract interest from major and indie record labels.

More Gigs = More Fans = More Merchandise Sold = More Interest In Labels

The bottom line for those pursuing a career in music is that you should make your magic number of shows per month as high as possible.

You will become more comfortable performing live and gain a ton of experience. You may even acquire a large fan base to sell all of your merchandise to at the same time.

How GigFaster Can Help

We understand — making great music is your passion. It’s all about getting your music out there and sharing it with the world. However, trying to promote your music, find a label, or even just finding a place to play a gig can be daunting.

With GigFaster, you can get help booking gigs and promoting your music. GigFaster’s database has thousands of contacts across over one hundred music genres. It’s easy for you to get connected with a venue or promoter. We have low monthly rates and even offer a free trial. Start yours today.

Work hard, be focused and perform as much as you can.

Most importantly, never quit!


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