GigFaster originally started as an email marketing tool for musicians that took the painstaking and time consuming work of contacting clubs, bars, venues, music blogs, music reviewers, record labels, etc off the musician’s plates.

Contacting 100 music key executives took less than 10 minutes. GigFaster would follow up for the next month. Essentially crafting up to 500 emails and scheduling them for the best time to send them.

Some people said, “I can do this myself”. Our reply was always, “Go for it”.

But why would you do that? Spend dozens of hours creating and trying to schedule emails when you could be writing and recording new music or practicing your craft.

The New GigFaster

There was a lot of interest in GigFasterPro but we received the same emails over and over again.

They said, “I don’t have contacts. Where can I get them?”

I’m a data miner and programmer and have been for over 20 years.

I got to work and have built a solid database over over 10,000 music record labels, venues and music blogs/reviewers.

The data gets updated every day. As more people use it the better it gets.

So, we combined GigFasterPro with solid music executive contacts so that you don’t have to find your own.

Already have a list? Chances are we already have your contacts in our database.

Since the vast majority of our users come to the table with no contacts we have decided to sunset GigFasterPro for now and focus solely on GigFaster.

We will not be selling any more subscriptions to GigFasterPro. For those of you with existing subscriptions to GigFasterPro you will still have access.

Craig Kelley

About Craig Kelley

Craig helps indie artists book more gigs, promote their music and submit to record labels @ GigFaster and GigFaster University . His latest release is his 7th album, Not So Blue. His band has supported Grammy artists including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Rick Derringer, Gary Hoey, Joan Jett, Fuel and many more. He is also the host of The 5 Minute Podcast For Musicians.

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