The best way to land your first gig is not hard. There are 5 easy steps you can take.

It’s actually easy. You just have to be persistent and never give up.

If you want to book your first gig then follow these simple steps below.

5 Steps To Land Your First Gig

  1. Practice, practice, practice – Performing live is a totally different ball game than playing in your bedroom, garage or basement. The more you practice the better you’ll be when you perform. Performance is almost never 100% as good as your best practice.
  2. Network with other bands – Your first gig will most likely be a free one. Chances are it will be opening for another band. That’s why you need to connect with as many other local bands as possible. Remember, you aren’t in competition with these other bands.
  3. Record a video or demo of your band – Venue booking agents are going to want to see you or at least hear how you sound. You may be able to talk the talk but they want to see you walk it too. A live recording is fine. The demo or video doesn’t need to be professional recorded. As a matter of fact, it may be better if it’s not. This is especially true for new bands. Club owners want to see real footage and hear live performances.
  4. Reach out to venues – If you didn’t read/listen/watch this then go and do it now. Introduce yourself to venue booking agents. Let them know that you’d be interested in opening for “this” or “that” band – a band that you’d fit with naturally. In other words, if you’re rapper you’re not looking to open for a country band.
  5. Never quit – Most people quit. Most businesses quit. They don’t fail. The people in them give up. You’ll never get your first gig or anything in life if you give up. Continually strive to be the best you can be.

Do these 5 things and you are on your way to your first of many booked gigs.

Book free gigs at first and then when you’re comfortable and confident book paid gigs.

How GigFaster Can Help

Promote your music, work hard, hustle and use tools that will make your job easier. Set yourself up for success.

We have a built-in network of over 6,000 venues, music promoters, and record labels. We can help you distribute your press kit and book gigs in cities all around the country.

Start for free today.

Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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