Booking gigs is hard…

It’s hard to find venues.

And it’s even harder to get a response.

A few months ago I had a crazy idea.

What if we made booking a gig as easy as clicking a button?

And well… that’s exactly what we just did.

We rebuilt GigFaster from the ground up and made it easier than ever to book gigs.

We added thousands of venues for you to search from and pitch with the click of a button.

All you have to do is:

1) Find a venue in our massive database
2) Submit your music with a short pitch

Oh and we didn’t stop there…

We also added music blogs, music reviewers, and record labels for you to submit to.

There’s over 6,500 listings looking for new artists and waiting to hear from you.

The best part… it’s completely free to get started.

Announcing GigFasterPro

User feedback has been invaluable in refining what GigFaster is shaping up to be.

We have found that our original vision for GigFaster was on a much deeper level of sophistication.

For that reason, we named it GigFasterPro. You don’t have to be a genius to use it. It’s very intuitive. If you want to be the one contacting venues then this is the tool for you.

GigFasterPro is an advance tool that will save the professional hundreds of hours. The only caveat is you need to know who (venues, etc) you will be contacting.

This is the exact tool I used to get big gigs like Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Gary Hoey and others.

If you don’t know who to contact then use GigFaster. If you have your own contacts then you can customize each email using GigFasterPro.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to decide between GigFaster and GigFasterPro then ask yourself one question.

Do you want to do it yourself? Yes? Then use GigFasterPro.

OR do you want us to do it for you? Yes? Then use GigFaster.

Thanks for reading,

Craig @ GigFaster

Craig Kelley

About Craig Kelley

Craig helps indie artists book more gigs, promote their music and submit to record labels @ GigFaster and GigFaster University . His latest release is his 7th album, Not So Blue. His band has supported Grammy artists including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Rick Derringer, Gary Hoey, Joan Jett, Fuel and many more. He is also the host of The 5 Minute Podcast For Musicians.

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