7 Creative Ways To Promote Your Music On Instagram

As an independent musician, you probably already know how important it is to use every possible way to let people know about you.

Social media is key to spreading the news that you’re here, you’re hip, and you’re ready for action.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t the lone rulers anymore–Instagram is big, too. And it’s not just for pictures.

Here are seven ways to use Instagram creatively in order to promote your music.

1. Gain Interested Followers

It may look depressing to see your follower count in the single digits or even zero, but that’s where everyone starts!

The way to get followers is to follow someone and hope they like what they see when they check you out–if so, they’ll follow you back.

The best way to find people that may be interested in your music is to look up musicians that you admire and start checking out their followers.

Select the most active users who post music-related things or comment on music posts, and follow them.

They’ll see the notification from your follow and will likely click to check you out.

If your name, profile photo, bio, and recent posts are interesting enough, you’ll get another follower!

This leads us to the second tip:

2. Hook ‘Em with a Great Page

If you don’t have your page set up properly, no one will follow you even if they do click on your page.

Make your profile photo your band logo, or a good headshot of yourself if you’re a solo artist.

Update content regularly, and use only good photos. Instagram is all about the aesthetics, so don’t just dump your camera roll onto your timeline.

Caption your posts correctly, and make sure they bring across the feel of your music.

Keep the content on your Instagram feed consistent.

3. Post Enough, But Not Too Much

Somewhere between one and three times per day is the optimal rate.

You want to be seen and have fresh content, but spamming user’s timelines gets you insta-un-followed.

For top engagement, you also have to post at the right time of day.

Since  90% of office employees say they use social media as a distraction at work, that’s normally during office business hours.

But if, for instance, you’re appealing to a night-life punk rock crowd, you may want to take that into account.

4. Use Your Stories–For Music Videos!

Here’s where you can really shine as a musician. Instagram is as much about videos as it is about photos, and you can add your own soundtrack.

That means that you’re exposing potential fans to your own unique sound, right from their feeds!

There are several apps out there that let you add your own music files to video clips, which you can then post from your camera roll to Instagram.

If you can’t do it that way, never fear! Simply cue up the music on a quality speaker and hit play as you record your mini-vid.

Be sure to caption and hashtag your posts to let everyone know that the music is your own work, and tell them where to find you!

5. Use Hashtags Often–and Correctly

Speaking of hashtags, this is one of the most important things to get right on Instagram, because that’s how people follow the topics they want to see.

It’s how users discover new posts, or check in on the latest activity of their favorite brand.

The best way to use hashtags is to create a unique one for yourself, and use it in every single post, and also make use of existing tags with good traffic, to help you get discovered.

Users can use your #AwesomeMusicianName hashtag to check up on your latest updates, but only if it’s memorable and easy to use.

Create or use clever tags, pay attention to what’s trending, and ride the wave while it lasts.

6. Don’t Post Events or Updates Only Once

This may seem like it clashes with the “don’t post too often rule” but what it really means is that you need to mention tour dates, performances, live events, and music releases more than once.

Not five times a day, but at least a couple times a week, stepping it up to once or twice daily in the final week beforehand.

Make event information and tickets easy to find by linking to it in your bio, and consider using shoppable posts for any merchandise or CDs you have for sale.

You should also think about running contests for tickets, backstage passes, and/or special merchandise, to get people posting and sharing your content.

Instagram users love contests, and it’s the best way to generate buzz about your music.

7. Answer Your Fans!

Though it may seem like a lot of work, personally answering questions and comments will pay off in the long run.

By rewarding fans with a response from a real, live person, you create a personal connection with your listeners that will make them more excited to be your fan.

Excited fans talk to other people, who may also become fans.

Very few people were born famous, after all.

Now go on and get your ‘Gram on!

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