You want your music in the hands of record label executives? Good, I’m happy for you.

Now, don’t blow your chances of even getting heard or seen. If you’re all in then you need to learn how to submit your music to record labels.

There are a ton of record labels out there.

Obviously, most of them are small independent record labels.

That’s good for you. If you can find and connect with a small label there are many benefits.

If they love you then you’ll get a lot of devotion and attention from them.

You won’t be just a small fish in a huge pond like artists on major labels.

Small indie labels will usually work with you on artist development as well.

Keep in mind that when you see a new artist on the scene, chances are they’ve been groomed for a while behind the scenes by their management which in most cases is the label itself.

So, if you want to start submitting your music to record labels follow these guidelines below.

How To Submit Your Music To Record Labels

1. Ask For Permission To Submit First

Your first email to the record label should be short and sweet. Only 2-3 sentences maximum. Do your research on the record label so that they know you’re not just some desperate starving artist.

2. Never Send Links To Your Music – Audio/Video

Record labels get bombarded with emails from artists every hour of the day. If you send them your links to YouTube or Soundcloud without them requesting it you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Never send anything other than a 2-3 sentence email unless they request more information. Once they request your links go for it! Send ONLY your best material.

3. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Chances are you won’t get a response on the first email. Don’t worry about that. That’s normal. It usually takes 4-6 emails to get any response if your lucky. These guys are super busy so following up is critical. Don’t schedule your emails back to back. Each email should have more and more space between the send times. If you don’t hear back after 6 emails then move on to another label.

Finally, never give up! The guys that are thriving and are in the spotlights are the ones that never quit.  You never know when success will hit.

How GigFaster Can Help

You can learn more about how to book gigs with email in our free 3-video course at GigFaster University.

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Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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