The new year is quickly approaching.

Now is the time to get your act in gear. It’s time to get your musical goals and products in line so you can kill it in January and beyond.

A new year always offers hope, a new page, a new opportunity for success and change.

The truth is, you don’t have to wait for a change in the year to start.

The people who have abs on the beach didn’t get them with New Year’s resolutions. They got them by working hard all winter long.

The same applies to music.

If you want success then it’s time to start. Right now.

Maybe you’re like a lot of people when it comes to setting goals and getting started.

The problem with most people is taking that first step.

You don’t need an elaborate plan but you should have some sort of checklist so that you know you’re making progress and on the right track.

Here are 5 things you can do right now (even if you’re reading this in July!).

5 Things You Need To Do Before The New Year

  1. Update Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) – Clean out the cobwebs. Showcase the major highlights. If possible, only use current accomplishments.
  2. Snap a New Promotional Picture – Looks change, styles change. Maybe not drastically but, hopefully, in a good way. Progress. Take a new promo pic and add it to your EPK.
  3. Start Contacting Clubs/Venues for Spring/Summer Shows – Don’t wait. Get your act together. Most venues book months in advance. Get on their radar now and you may be able to fill a need they have in the short-term as well.
  4. Gather Press Reviews – Adding music reviews to your EPK is great for convincing venues and other music reviewers to write about you. Music is a business. You are selling a product. Don’t take it too personal. Refine your product and expect “no” most of the time. The more you reach out to music blogs the better your chances for getting a review will be.
  5. Commit to The Long Term – Success doesn’t happen overnight. If you want something that’s going to last then commit to working hard for at least 3 months. See what happens. You may be surprised that success just took a bit of persistence.

Most people quit. Every time you think about quitting someone else is too. Are you going to be the one to quit? or them?

Best of luck in the new year!

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Remember, if you want to succeed, never quit!


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